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Brain Rotting – Family Style

May 10, 2007

Hubby decided yesterday that it would be a fantastic idea to buy a Wii. I was not privy to this decision, so the first knowledge I had of this purchase was after it was already hooked up and functional.  I was not happy.

I’m not a big fan of current video games. There are a number of reasons for this: one, I think kids should play outside and not rot in front of the television set; two, most of the games I see are either designed for three-year-olds or are so filled with blood, guts, gore and language that I don’t want them in my home; and three, I’m sooooo not coordinated enough to pull the triggers, press down six different buttons, and stand on my head at the same time, which are the requirements for most of the games I’ve seen. I grew up in the Atari generation. We had one joystick with one button to push. My one thumb got really tired, but I didn’t get full-blown carpal tunnel from utilizing all 10 fingers at once for a solid 30 minutes.

Beyond not being a video game fan, we already have an X-Box. Granted, the X-Box was purchased two years ago and is the “old” X-Box, not the 360, but we have finally reached the point where playing the beast is not the pinnacle of afternoon excitement, we have enough controllers that everyone can play at once which significantly reduces the arguing, and we have enough games (read: more than one) that we don’t have to stop at the X-Box display case every time we go to Target anymore. The novelty has finally worn off. Even so, we still have to set the timer because all of our kiddos are limited to 30 minutes per day and would play for 24 hours straight if we’d let them.

I was not happy about adding another brain-rotting device to our household. I was not happy about the pricetag either. I would probably have been downright angry if my dear hubby hadn’t had the “little kid at Christmas” look on his face when he showed it to me.

“Just give it a chance,” he told me. “You’ll love it. I promise.”

I did the patented eye-roll so that he knew I was not happy about this turn of events. I reluctantly took the controller as he hooked us both up for a game of bowling. Know that I was fully prepared to dislike this silly system, just as much as I dislike the X-Box. I did not want to bowl, or fish, or play tennis, or box. I did not want to press six buttons simultaneously, while squeezing the trigger. I have plenty of other complicated things in my life and I did NOT need another. I sighed and told him, “One game. That’s it. No more.”

He smiled.

We bowled.

I was hooked.

We played two games, stopped for dinner, and played two more. We fished, we played three games of baseball, got the kids into bed, and played two more. We fought sixteen rounds in boxing. We golfed, we rode cows (what?) through a billion scarecrows on this bizarre track, played tennis, played another round of baseball, and then went back to boxing. By the time the kids were in bed, I was sweating. It’s a good workout, let me tell you. By the time we got to the final round of boxing, I felt like I’d been beaten with a stick. It was 11pm and way past my bedtime.

“So what did you think?” Hubby asked after we shut it down and headed for bed.

“It was ok,” I said. “It’s definitely a good stress reliever.”

“You loved it!” he said, a grin on his face.

“It wasn’t half bad.”

He rolled his eyes to show me that he knew I really did love it.

I did. What can I say?

We’re going to box some more after the kids choir concert tonight. You should come by. It’s a great stress reliever…

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  1. Lynda permalink
    May 10, 2007 9:06 am

    We have the xBox 360 and I do not play it as I am soooo not coordinated enough to do it well. I liked the old Nintendo with Dr. Mario and Tetris and Loopz. Games where I could kick my own hiney, but wasn’t being beat up by anyone else!

    Hubby and the kids, on the other hand, love the 360. They play sports games and war games (Call of Duty)and can play online with other people. The youngest beat up on hubby badly this weekend in hockey! Hubby was not happy, and is practicing until he gets good enough to beat a 10 year old.

    Give me a book, I’ve tried the video game thing and I’m not hooked!

    Glad you enjoyed the Wii! I’m sure I would love watching you and the family boxing and bowling!

  2. May 10, 2007 11:02 am

    I have heard the Wii is fun! But I’m with you– I think video games are over-rated these days. It must be a girl thing.

  3. May 11, 2007 10:14 am

    HA! You’ve gone to the dark side! 😉

  4. Tammy (the sister - in - law) permalink
    May 13, 2007 3:26 pm

    Hey Steph… since you sent me your link I have been reading this often. Makes me feel like I am a little in the loop with the Family that lives so far away! Also, the Wii was so a story Bruce and I can relate to. Hope all is well with you guys….

  5. May 14, 2007 10:41 am

    I tell you, until reading this, the Wii held no allure. But now, well it sounds fun!

    When you have a chance, drop me an email, and I’ll reply with your ‘five questions interview’!!

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