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Gloria, Are You Kidding?

May 18, 2007

I was watching “the news” this morning and was quite fascinated to see a heated discussion over a hotel in Michigan that is offering an entire floor for women only. Gloria Allred, feminist extraordinaire and not one of my favorite people, stated that it was an illegal practice and that racially segregated floors would follow next. I stopped what I was doing and stared in disbelief. She actually had a little bit of a smile on her face as she was driving home this “serious point,” so I had a hard time determining if she was kidding or not.Kidding or otherwise, this whole discussion has evidently sparked a larger, national debate on the legality of such a practice. Folks are viewing it as a slippery slope to something more sinister, a step backwards in time for women. Whatever! How is it really any different from the other things in life that are tailored to women only? How about the workout chain, Curves? How about the section of Sears with the big sign hanging over it that says “Women”? Women’s vitamins? Women’s bicycles? Women’s shoes? Women’s retreats? Women’s magazines? Should all of these things go? Are they all discriminatory just because they cater to women and not to men?

Have we forgotten that women ARE different than men? Should we just start wearing the same clothing, buying the same shoes, reading the same magazines (how about those car mags, ladies?), taking the same vitamins (even though our metabolisms function differently and we absorb vitamins and minerals differently), riding the same bikes?

One of the arguments I heard was that men would be discriminated against if they were turned away for non-availability, even if there were rooms available on the “Women Only” floor. Seriously? I wonder how many thousands of hotels would still be available in the greater metro area. I wonder if men would have that same feeling if the last General Practitioner in the city was booked and the OB/GYN refused to see them. I think not.

Keep in mind that this hotel thing is not a “have to”. No one is forcing women to stay on this “Women Only” floor. In fact, women pay a premium for it, just like they pay a premium to go to Curves instead of any other workout place that caters to both men and women. It’s a service offering, people, not a mandate. I can’t even believe that Gloria Allred has her feathers ruffled over this. I can’t believe that the feminists are on the bandwagon with it. Surely I’m not the only person out there shaking my head over the sheer stupidity of the argument. Surely I’m not the only one thinking that Gloria and Co. will just be wasting so much of the court’s time and everyone’s money to even put this issue on the table. What has happened to us as a nation that this kind of thing becomes so blown out of proportion?

I can definitely hold my own in the workplace and I know that I can do the job every bit as well as anyone else, male or female. I am also a firm believer that part of the beauty of a strong woman is her recognition of and celebration of her womanhood. I am not offended when a man holds a door open for me. I don’t believe that he’s doing it because I’m weaker, or incapable of getting the door myself. I do believe most men do it out of respect and I’m quite alright with respect. I am also not offended by a hotel that wants to offer me a service based on the fact that I’m a woman. After traveling for many years, I would be grateful for something like that.

I like my women’s bicycle, my women’s clothing, my women’s vitamins, and Curves. I like the fact that my husband respects me enough to open the door for me. I like the idea of staying on a Women Only floor should I have to travel again soon.

You, Gloria, are the one that is going to set us back, not the women who choose to remember that they are, in fact, women. For now, please sit down and shut up. In my opinion, you’re doing nothing but making a mockery of women as a whole and you’re certainly not contributing anything of any value. If you don’t want to stay on a “Women Only” floor, then by all means, please don’t spend your hard-earned pennies there. Go somewhere else. Boycott the whole State of Michigan if it makes you feel better. But don’t go on national television and pretend that you represent all women across this great nation with your idiotic ideas on this issue.

You absolutely, unequivocally, without question or hesitation, do NOT represent me.

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  1. May 18, 2007 9:16 pm

    Wooooo-weeee! She’s hot tonight! Go Steph!!! Yeah…I don’t like her either.

  2. May 20, 2007 4:32 pm

    Nice Grrrr! How about those Boy Scouts?…. Maybe Gloria will go to the front line with the rest of the boys….

  3. Smirking Cat permalink
    November 9, 2007 10:18 am

    I could see the lure of a women-only floor since many female travelers do not feel safe. Personally I am not easily intimidated and would not pay extra simply to not share a hotel floor with menfolk…I am very much a feminist but get discouraged by the loudest of the bunch usually not being the most intellectual, and making the rest of us look bad by proxy. I agree with you, I love my feminity and see that as part of my strength, not something that counters it.

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