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It’s Pervasive

June 21, 2007

Check out this article over at Glenn Sack’s blog entitled “Shockome Syndrome.” In the article, Glenn details an awful case of a woman who made false allegations against her ex-husband in order to deliberately keep him from the children. She violated multiple court orders, lied about many things, and failed to substantiate any of her claims. I think she might be related to the Egg Donor (ED) we deal with daily.

I’m thankful that there are some judges out there who recognize the false allegations for what they are. I’m hopeful that the judge in our case (incidentally, not the judge that was assigned to us initially and presided during our last hearing) will see through the lies, too.

How sad that so many fathers out there are going through this. I wonder what their legal bills totaled? I wonder how many years of therapy their kids will need to get over the destruction their mothers inflicted? I wonder if the court system will ever put something in place that requires those who make these kinds of allegations to pay restitution? Not that there is any restitution great enough for being dragged through this system just because of someone else’s vindictive nature.

As a biological mother (and a stepmom, too), I just can’t imagine causing your child the kind of emotional grief these women do. I can’t imagine the kind of hate it would take to poison their little minds against their Daddies. It’s reprehensible.

If you haven’t had the luxury of being a part of the court system today, this is what happens… most of the time. Dads are railroaded, families are destroyed, and the women who actually lose custody based on this kind of ugly behavior are held up as martyrs. It’s time for change.

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