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Pray for James Rhoades

September 5, 2007

James commented awhile back on my blog and I took a look at his. I thought our situation was dire and unfair! He has been through the wringer already, with his son’s mother and stepfather fighting to keep him out of his son’s life. In one of their briefs, they actually argue that they should parent the child without James simply because the child has been in their care the entire time. I was blown away by that. It seems akin to me saying “I stole my neighbor’s car a week ago, but because it’s been with me for the week, I should maintain ownership.” I don’t think so!

Still, he has a great attitude. He is prayerful for his son’s mother, even though she is creating this awful situation. He recognizes her pain and wants only the best things for her. He just wants to see his son!

Please take a minute today and say a prayer for James, for his son, for his son’s mother and stepfather. Pray for the court to have clarity on this issue and for them not to deny this father the ability to participate in his son’s life. Pray for his son that he will be able to grow up knowing his father. Pray that the conflict in this situation will end and that all will have peace of mind.

Read James’ blog here.

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  1. Lynda permalink
    September 5, 2007 9:03 am

    I’ve read over Jame’s website over the past couple of days and I have to say that what he is going through is ubelievably unfair. I watched the videos he posted and obviously his son’s mother wanted him to have a relationship with the child in the beginning. I think that she didn’t want her boat rocked and she wanted the best of both worlds…which was certainly not fair for James. I read the legal documents written by both parties and it’s obvious that the mother and stepfather (with the help of stepfather’s attorney daddy) are going to try to throw James under the bus in any way possible.

    I hope and pray that he gets to watch his little boy grow up and that he is allowed to be the child’s daddy. With so many absentee fathers in the world you would think that this woman would be grateful for a man who wants to support, love and be there for his son. Though I’ve lost a lot of faith in the family court system, my faith in God is stronger than ever.

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