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How to Find Me – Again

October 5, 2007

pyscho girls – Well, you won’t find the psycho girls here, but you can certainly read ABOUT them here, or here, or here, or here. Heck, you could check out most of the links on my blog and you find a multitude of stories about psycho girls. I, on the other hand, along with the rest of the spectacular ladies in Stepmom Land, am trying to COPE WITH the psycho girls as best I can. If you are a psycho girl, stay away.

evil cat in the wall T – shirt – I don’t have an evil cat in the wall… and I don’t have a T-shirt about an evil cat in the wall, either. I was curious, so I googled this myself and came up with the big zero. I didn’t even see MY blog on there, so I’m not sure how you actually, really got here. Either way, if you’re looking for an evil cat… in the wall… you should seek help… immediately.

Hillbilly household – I just take offense at this, OK? I’m not a Hillbilly and I don’t live in a Hillbilly household. The fact that I lived in Tennessee for a brief time does not qualify me, either. If you’ve never lived in the South then you have no idea about this. There are just as many Hillbillies in the midwest… they just don’t have the drawl…. or the food… mmmm, fried okra…. and grits… and collard greens… and sweet tea. I miss the South! And I’m still not a Hillbilly.

school supply thermometer paper – I have never heard of thermometer paper. Anyone else? Maybe you were searching for those little strips you put on your kid’s forehead that work like a thermometer. I haven’t seen those in quite awhile, not since my former military spouse life. In the military clinics they gave those out like there was no tomorrow. Maybe that’s why everything related to the government costs so darn much. OK, that’s a post for another day.

crazy people’s thinking – Yes, I know all about this because my husband’s ex-wife is certifiable. I’m not sure you’d really call it thinking, though, so much as it is rambling, running off at the mouth, and plotting. Yeah, I’m pretty sure thinking would not qualify here. If you want to know what it looks like when crazy people “think” see a couple of my entries about it here and here and here.

wal-mart, crazy people – Are you looking for the people that work there or the people that shop there? Or do you mean that Wal-Mart creates crazy people? Maybe all three, huh?  Yes, my husband’s ex-wife shops there. 

why does she think im creepy – I’m pretty sure it’s because you are. And if you have things like 2nd Degree Assault, Auto Theft, Aggravated Robbery and Bail Revocation on your record (heck, pretty much if you have a criminal record that includes anything outside of traffic violations and/or things you did when you were young and dumb, or anything violent), then you automatically qualify. And if she doesn’t think you’re creepy and you have those things on your record? Then you’re both creepy.

good guy dentist – It doesn’t exist, people. Anyone who went into dentistry did it because they enjoy causing others great pain. That’s all there is to it.

animal poop, pet feces, dog smell like feces – There seems to be a fascination about this topic because there is one of these searches that hits my blog almost every day. If you are having a problem with an animal living in unacceptable, feces-infested conditions, call Animal Control. They care about animals and will come and get the poor creature out of whatever miserable conditions it might be living in. If, on the other hand, you are concerned about children living in unacceptable, feces-infested conditions, save your breath because Social Services will just tell you that “while it’s less than ideal, it just doesn’t rise to the level of a home visit.”

black mark on my gums will not leave – I’m pretty sure if you’re just waiting for that black mark to up and leave? It’s not going to. My guess would be that you would need to take some action, like with a toothbrush maybe, to remove it. If all else fails, you might check with your dentist. But don’t waste your time looking for a good guy dentist because, as I mentioned above, they just don’t exist.

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